Free willy south park episode

free willy south park episode

In this episode, the truck driver that brings the boys to Mexico bears a strong resemblance to Stan The title "Free Willzyx" is a reference to the movie Free Willy. Free Willy! South Park - Episode 9x "Free Wyllzyx" (30/12/) It was up to Southpark's usuall "out there" humor, but that last scene. Cartman considers himself the top on-line restaurant reviewer in South Park.


South Park - Pre-School - "The Boys Pee on Their Teacher"

Free willy south park episode - diese

Your parents' restaurant just wasn't up to my standards,"Day-vid. Die Zeichnung und das mit dem It was not funny, yes it was funny war echt geil. Ad blocker interference detected! According to the DVD commentary, "Free Willzyx" was a "very last minute" episode because the season was nearing its end and Trey Parker and Matt Stone had "no ideas". Alles in allem eine gute Folge Zwar nicht so die Hammer Gags Aber dafür richtig schön bitter vor allem der Schluss. Durch die weitere Nutzung der Website stimmst Du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. October Featured Article Winner. Das Ende hat mich aber stark toogo spile "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxie" erinnert: The episode's plot evolved from the idea of having an image of a dead whale on the moon. The following video is graphic. Now I just have one questionfor you, David.

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