Astalavista meaning

astalavista meaning

Hasta la vista definition, until I see you; until we meet; so long. See more. astalavista, youtube,,, Translation, human translation, automatic translation. if you heard it from a movie where stared Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said "Hasta la vista baby", its like saying "see youuu.." the way it was said on the movie was. Please email inquiries quora. Notify me of new comments via email. ES NL Niederländisch 7 Übersetzungen. The Terminator says the phrase again prior to shattering the liquid nitrogen-frozen T with a gunshot. In English, it means, 'See you later'. Death to the Future Terminator: Related Questions What does it mean in English astalavista?


Mc Solaar - Hasta la vista (Clip Officiel)

Astalavista meaning - dass hierbei

Time to switch phone plans? Vista is on trial and my XP install disk is within easy reach. It also appeared in the Rugrats episode "Angelica Breaks a Leg", in which Angelica impersonates the phrase before being sent away by Didi. ES HI Hindi 4 Übersetzungen. Scrabble Words With Friends. This term, with the added word "baby" - "Hasta la vista, baby" - was used in the popular hit song from , " Looking for a New Love " by Grammy Award winner Jody Watley.

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