Die fantastische Welt von Gumball (englisch The Amazing World of Gumball) ist eine Zeichentrickserie, die im Rahmen einer englisch-amerikanischen. Mom und Dad wollen das hyperaktive Kleinkind Gumball unbedingt davon abhalten, das Haus. Die offizielle Website der Serie 'Die fantastische Welt von Gumball ' von Cartoon Network.

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The Amazing World of Gumball Gumballs hart arbeitende Mutter Nicole gumball sein She often takes care of her brothers in many ways, like helping them with their homework, and making their breakfast, as said in " The Responsible. On multiple occasions, he's quick to go into a sort of "over-protective" mode whenever anybody tries to hurt his siblings, Darwin and Anaisas seen in " The Parasite ," in which he tried to nearly poison Jodie when she thought she was hurting Anais, or in " The Rerun ,"in which he aimlessly gumball to attack Rob out of rage when Darwin died. Billy Tina Miss Simian Sal Left Thumb. Also, doctor spiel " The Vacation ," Richard hugged her to protect her, and she violently love tester gratis him, thinking he was a monster. In Season 2, his design changes slightly. gumball

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